Guitar Hero Electronic Music in the World of Science with Synthesizers

One really wouldn’t think of Guitar Hero, on the average, when it comes to electronic music. Think about it, we have games for dancing with music, and all of the background music and sounds for gaming. It seems to go on forever. The world of music is really rich with these latest innovations and accomplishments. A really cool thing that DIY (do-it-yourself) people are doing with their electronic game controllers are making them into forms of musical instruments. The world of science with synthesizers opens many doors. Lets look at some of the vintage game controllers which have been transformed and given a second life as mini synths.

  • Guitar Hero Synth- The Guitar Hero controller has a lot to work with, as you can see, when it comes to DIY conversion. Lots of buttons, knobs, and the wonderful “whammy” bar, enjoy a second life as quality base tone sound modifiers. The “frets” on the Guitar Hero each have five finger-buttons. These can output five different pitches/tones, depending upon knob settings, which are evenly spaced. The “fret” buttons are likened unto a guitar string. Each one has the capacity of changing the base pitch. The person playing the “synth” can choose between high and low pitches with the push of a fret button. You would really have to observe this, or try it, to understand the full action.

Atari Paddle 8- Bit Synth- This is absolutely amazing! Hard to believe so many sound effects could come from one little box. Do some research on this and let us know what you think. Modes, speed, and pitches, can all be controlled with button swaps and knobs.

Electronic Music in the World of Science with Synthesizers

Synthesizers, often called “synths”, walk hand and hand with electronic music and instruments. Electronic timbres and other “out-of-this-world” audio effects burst forth from the synthesizer, along with sound conversions of traditional instruments using audio signals as the transport. As time becomes increasingly advanced through the wiles of science and wonders of technology, so does synthesizer capacity. Electronic drums, keyboards, music sequencers, wind controllers, instrument controllers, guitar synthesizers, and a multitude of other happenings in the world of science and synthesizers have catapulted electric music beyond our dreams as a mega art form. How is it possible that we can produce or imitate most any sound imagined?  “It keeps getting better everyday”, in the words of the Beatles. How right they were in their music ministry and the revolution they shared near the beginning of this mighty road we travel with electronic music.

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A Brush with History Electronic Music in the World of Science with Synthesizers

Around the 1960’s, electronic music had a big show in the music industry. At the time, Europe and America, dominated the field, though Jamaica stepped forth with electronic “Dub” music. Pop music began exploring the grooves and possibilities of synthesized music and we all were in the process of expanding. Our wings were spread, and we were ready to fly. The world of electronic music changed forever with the introduction of the “Moog Synthesizer” on October 12, 1964. It was the first synthesizer controlled by modular voltage. Electronic music kept getting stronger and stronger, and around the beginning of the 1970’s, in waltzes the “Monophonic Minimoog”. It only addedto the beat and sounds of electronic music flowing from Japan with their technologies, such as the drum machine. Pop music continued to grow, disco, and light shows, were bursting at the seams. Electronic music progresses and plants firm roots. From these roots grow many genre. One such genre is “Progressive Rock”. A whole new world emerged, creativity rocketed, lights exploded, and we danced and played right into “synthesized electronic music”.

A Way of Life Electronic Music in the World of Science with Synthesizers

Synthesizers became increasingly affordable as time progressed into the future. “Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future”, in the words of classic rock creation “Fly Like an Eagle”, by the Steve Miller Band. Hopeful and enduring electronic musicians could easily obtain an affordable synthesizer such as the “Yamaha DX7” (produced in the 1980’s). The thrill ride continued as it passed the “Turn of the Century” and soared into the 2000’s. A world science with synthesizers exploded the electronic music industry. Genius and creativity abounded. The contemporary word of science and synthesizers brought us music composers whom specifically create pieces and compositions for the synthesizer. In the words of Louis Armstrong; “What a Wonderful World”. What a wonderful world it is, indeed. It should be noted here that Louis Armstrong did not write “What a Wonderful World”, even though many assume he did. It is easy to assume because he did the first recording of “What a Wonderful World” as a single in 1967. Without the world of electronics in music, no recordings would be possible, as you well know. Advancements in music and technology have opened up a seemingly endless garden of variety and a pattern of mega accomplishments for the musician.

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Latest in Ninja Clothing

There is no slowing down with electric music in the world of synthesizers. And who would want to? Software and advanced technology (with input from leading IT companies), have made “Smart Music” a reality. On top of the music we’re now selling clothing as well and we think it looks amazing. What would the world of electronic music do without the major producers and manufacturers of quality synthesizers? Last year’s synthesizers will always be part of the scene cashing in on the advantage of longevity in hardware usage. Sonic soundscapes are certainly no stranger in the synthesizers of 2019 and tomorrow. The whole scene is exciting and simply awesome beyond words!

Yesterday meets today in the MOOG GRANDMOTHER, a playground for seasoned synth users, and beginners. It is up to you. The really cool and contemporary happening in the conventional synthesizer comes alive in the modular section. Here you can redesign, to any degree you want, the modulation and signal path to satisfy seemingly endless sonic palettes. Check it out. A big change is in the air. It is called freedom in production and creativity for the electronic musician and the incorporation of synthesizers. There are no rules when it comes to the latest in electronic music. The shapes of genres become as liquid, with no real definition, except for the ultimate in dance and creativity all around the globe. It is often being asked, “When was the DJ traded in for a CDJ (digital music player)? And when was the CFJ exchanged for a synthesizer?” There are no limits in artistic value, creativity, and electronic music in the world of science with synthesizers.

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