Around the 1960’s, electronic music had a big show in the music industry. At the time, Europe and America, dominated the field, though Jamaica stepped forth with electronic “Dub” music. Pop music began exploring the grooves and possibilities of synthesized music and we all were in the process of expanding. Our wings were spread, and we were ready to fly. The world of electronic music changed forever with the introduction of the “Moog Synthesizer” on October 12, 1964. It was the first synthesizer controlled by modular voltage. Electronic music kept getting stronger and stronger, and around the beginning of the 1970’s, in waltzes the “Monophonic Minimoog”. It only addedto the beat and sounds of electronic music flowing from Japan with their technologies, such as the drum machine. Pop music continued to grow, disco, and light shows, were bursting at the seams. Electronic music progresses and plants firm roots. From these roots grow many genre. One such genre is “Progressive Rock”. A whole new world emerged, creativity rocketed, lights exploded, and we danced and played right into “synthesized electronic music”.