Synthesizers became increasingly affordable as time progressed into the future. “Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future”, in the words of classic rock creation “Fly Like an Eagle”, by the Steve Miller Band. Hopeful and enduring electronic musicians could easily obtain an affordable synthesizer such as the “Yamaha DX7” (produced in the 1980’s). The thrill ride continued as it passed the “Turn of the Century” and soared into the 2000’s. A world science with synthesizers exploded the electronic music industry. Genius and creativity abounded. The contemporary word of science and synthesizers brought us music composers whom specifically create pieces and compositions for the synthesizer. In the words of Louis Armstrong; “What a Wonderful World”. What a wonderful world it is, indeed. It should be noted here that Louis Armstrong did not write “What a Wonderful World”, even though many assume he did. It is easy to assume because he did the first recording of “What a Wonderful World” as a single in 1967. Without the world of electronics in music, no recordings would be possible, as you well know. Advancements in music and technology have opened up a seemingly endless garden of variety and a pattern of mega accomplishments for the musician.

We didn’t always be in the electronic space. In fact most of us come from a contractor background. We checked the other day and our old company Buffalo tree service is still up and running! We learned a lot while working with them.