Os Ovni: Let's Leave Reality


8-song Vinyl full-length
Limited Edition 500 copies, with 200 on WHITE VINYL.


Something Cold is proud to announce the release of "Let's Leave Reality," the debut LP from Florida's intergalactic synth duo, Os Ovni. “Let's Leave Reality” is the second release on the Detroit-based imprint specializing in minimal electronic music. Having performed together for 15 years under various experimental electronic projects, Logan Owlbeemoth and Omebi Velouria formed Os Ovni (Portuguese for The UFO) in 2010 while living in Austin, TX. With two 7” and 12” releases and an appearance on the (now out-of-print) Something Cold various artist LP behind them, the vortex they navigate with us continues to grow.
“Let's Leave Reality” features eight tracks of experimental electronic pop lost in time and space. The psychedelic harmonies and colliding layers of synths paint a vision of a future that isn't so much bleak as it is paranoid. Hyper-paced drum machines buzz under the shimmering structure of the synths. Logan and Omebi's vocals stir in perfect harmony glazed with lost celluloid inspired visions. Production of “Let's Leave Reality” was overseen by Matt Weiner of Atlanta's synth-wave duo Featureless Ghost. The LP cover art was designed by Belgium designers, OOh. The release is limited to 500 vinyl copies (200 on white vinyl).

Os Ovni also command the video art machine company, Tachyons+, where they make unique video FX devices for artists all over the world — including a forthcoming video for electronic legend, Gary Numan. “Let's Leave Reality” is a transmission that could have only resonated from somewhere as extraterrestrial as Florida. Os Ovni has continued to teach us how to escape reality, and explore our dreams. They might not have come from outer space to save the human race, rather leave our thoughts abducted in haze of analogue oscillations and fragile pop melodies.

A1. Circuit Shaper
A2. The Mirror
A3. Unseen Forces
A4. Secret Door
B1. No Time Static Hide
B2. Nova Galactica
B3. La Dusseltrip
B4. Unstable Cosmos

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