One really wouldn’t think of Guitar Hero, on the average, when it comes to electronic music. Think about it, we have games for dancing with music, and all of the background music and sounds for gaming. It seems to go on forever. The world of music is really rich with these latest innovations and accomplishments. A really cool thing that DIY (do-it-yourself) people are doing with their electronic game controllers are making them into forms of musical instruments. The world of science with synthesizers opens many doors. Lets look at some of the vintage game controllers which have been transformed and given a second life as mini synths.

  • Guitar Hero Synth- The Guitar Hero controller has a lot to work with, as you can see, when it comes to DIY conversion. Lots of buttons, knobs, and the wonderful “whammy” bar, enjoy a second life as quality base tone sound modifiers. The “frets” on the Guitar Hero each have five finger-buttons. These can output five different pitches/tones, depending upon knob settings, which are evenly spaced. The “fret” buttons are likened unto a guitar string. Each one has the capacity of changing the base pitch. The person playing the “synth” can choose between high and low pitches with the push of a fret button. You would really have to observe this, or try it, to understand the full action.

Atari Paddle 8- Bit Synth- This is absolutely amazing! Hard to believe so many sound effects could come from one little box. Do some research on this and let us know what you think. Modes, speed, and pitches, can all be controlled with button swaps and knobs.