There is no slowing down with electric music in the world of synthesizers. And who would want to? Software and advanced technology (with input from leading IT companies), have made “Smart Music” a reality. On top of the music we’re now selling clothing as well and we think it looks amazing. What would the world of electronic music do without the major producers and manufacturers of quality synthesizers? Last year’s synthesizers will always be part of the scene cashing in on the advantage of longevity in hardware usage. Sonic soundscapes are certainly no stranger in the synthesizers of 2019 and tomorrow. The whole scene is exciting and simply awesome beyond words!

Yesterday meets today in the MOOG GRANDMOTHER, a playground for seasoned synth users, and beginners. It is up to you. The really cool and contemporary happening in the conventional synthesizer comes alive in the modular section. Here you can redesign, to any degree you want, the modulation and signal path to satisfy seemingly endless sonic palettes. Check it out. A big change is in the air. It is called freedom in production and creativity for the electronic musician and the incorporation of synthesizers. There are no rules when it comes to the latest in electronic music. The shapes of genres become as liquid, with no real definition, except for the ultimate in dance and creativity all around the globe. It is often being asked, “When was the DJ traded in for a CDJ (digital music player)? And when was the CFJ exchanged for a synthesizer?” There are no limits in artistic value, creativity, and electronic music in the world of science with synthesizers.

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